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House Arrest

Hey industry, how are you guys coping?

Music is about as close to therapy as I can get right now (more on that later).

Am I missing the stress, the drunken uncles, unnecessarily long itineraries (thanks wedding planners!) and people asking me for one more song? Damn right I am!

Normally we would be approaching one of the most anticipated weekends of the year this week, Easter weekend. I noted in my earlier blog that this is the opening ceremony to the wedding season, and that ceremony is well and truly cancelled. It’s hard to believe but this time last month, we did not comprehend this!

As the days and weeks move on, my thoughts on when the wedding season will actually start fluctuate between never and if we’re lucky, then October! It could well be August, I truly hope it is sooner, well my bank balance does at least!

Either way, we want the season to start when it is safe to do so and when all guests are confident in attending to obtain just a hangover, not a virus.

This virus will most definitely change the face of mass gatherings for the foreseeable. I can see guest numbers shrinking and less emphasis on the reception than previous years. It’s all about customer confidence and at the moment it is at an all time low.

I have always thought that the wedding market bubble burst in 2018. Since the the rise of destination weddings and clients seemingly choosing future plans over blowing £100k on a couple of days of fun, the occurrence of a big fat indian wedding as we are accustomed to has become less prevalent. Yes the weddings are still big, but the new generation of newlyweds are more educated, more self sufficient and very financially savvy.

I’m not sure on the actual facts but I spoke with Lak from Maharaja Foods who shed huge concern over the shrinking numbers and less demand. Lets not forget, a destination wedding as great fun as it is, has a negative effect on the UK wedding industry. In most cases, a loss of production, catering and decor income for UK suppliers. The only person winning is Sabya Saachi and the video & photography teams! Credit to Lak, who has extended his expertise to offering his fine Indian cuisine to the international wedding market.

I just wish DJ’s charged properly when it comes to destination weddings. The desire to be seen abroad is incredibly high for a DJ. DJ’s lose their pricing morals (which tend to be pretty ropey at the best of times) and run out for free. Forgetting that they have just given up an entire weekend for one event - for free!

I digress.

Going back to the comments by Lak, he put it simply. You can charge £30 - £35 a head for a 600 person event because the margin is there due to the numbers, but people are now expecting the same rate for 200 - 250 people and this just doesn’t work. You just cannot survive as a business and mark my words there will be a monumental shift in pricing culture when we get back to business.

On the note of survival I really want to shoutout all my supplier colleagues who have probably invested their life savings into the industry this year, waiting for the return to help build on future years. I really hope you are all finding a way to get through this. The same goes to everyone who relies on the industry, i truly wish you all well.

The anxiety and stress isn’t limited to one wedding, its to tens or hundreds for most suppliers and if you’re reading and you're not a supplier, please spare a kind thought for them. I will not be surprised if only half of the industry make it through this torrid time and it's incredibly sad. We may be jostling for work from one another every week but no one wishes bad on one another. We all know how much the industry means to each and everyone of us.

So i mentioned music is therapy earlier, well here is some for you:

As this is well and truly a worldwide pandemic, my good friend DJ KSR of Frequency Entertainment (Toronto) reached out to collaborate on some Bhangra remixes. For those of you who know, the Kudos and Frequency relationship is incredibly strong and we consider them our ‘spirit animals’ from across the pond. Between ourselves, we have turned around 14 remixes in less than 10 days. This process would normally take a whole year if we had are normal scheduling in place!

House Arrest Volume 1 is out now! The album features some household names and ones you may not know, but certainly will get to know!

I have taken some time to link in their Instagram profiles which are all worth a follow. You will get great music, positive motivations (DJ Envy!) and some proper good laughs (DJ Chonkx!).

Until next time!


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